Our Staff

Behind every successful business owner is his staff! Here at Artistic Stitch, Inc. we make coming to work fun & enjoyable. We always have room for growth within the company and offer many different opportunities and benefits. Since 1996 Artistic Stitch, Inc. has been focused on expanding and creating jobs for the community.


Artistic Stitch, Inc. has many different departments & handles many different operations. Some people might know us as Artistic Signs or Artistic Web Design. Below you can learn more about our various departments and what each one is responsible for.


Name: Sal Loretta
Experience: Providing excellent customer service is Sal's biggest concern and wants to leave an everlasting impression on all clients. The company and his staff are here to assist you with any questions, comments and or concerns you may have.



Embroidery is the process of stitching your company's logo, name and or design onto any garment of your choice. Such garments include t-shirts, polo shirts, hats, jackets, sweaters and many of your favorite promotional products such as tote bags, towels and robes.

Head Of Embroidery
Name: Fabio D.
Experience: Fabio has been working with Embroidery machines since 1997. Since then Fabio has been a huge asset to Artistic Stitch, Inc. Fabio deals with clients on an every day basis offering top of the line customer service.


Artistic Signs offers many different services to assist your every day business needs. We offer letter heads, envelopes, business cards, post cards, brochures, menus & fliers, ncr forms, door hangers, banners, vehicle lettering & much more!

Head Of Sign Department
Name: Ed Rodriguez
Education: Turro College – Class of 96'
Experience: Ed has been working with all aspects of signage for 2 + years & has been with Artistic Stitch, Inc for over 13 years. If you are starting a new business and need advice on what stationary you should start off with then Ed is your main guy. Come see Ed today!

Silk Screening

Silk Screening also known as Screen Paint is the process of creating a stencil within a mesh screen. We offer an enormous amount of products for you to silk screen your logo on. Artistic Stitch, Inc has top of the line silk-screening machines that offer a 10 color process!

Head Of Silk Screening
Name: Eddie Rodriguez
Education: Turro College – Class of 96'
Experience: Eddie has been working with Artistic Stitch, Inc. since day one. Eddie learned what he knows about color separation & silk-screening from Sal. Since 1996 Eddie handles the organization of Screens for his department.

Web Design

Artistic Design offers basic to ultimate web design & SEO marketing. It is vital for all companies to have some exposure to the internet world. Taking your already well known business and creating a face for it on the World Wide Web is a huge gateway to more opportunities. Artistic Design's web team is always up to date with the latest HTML coding & programs used. For our SEO marketing we perform four main services: Sponsored Search Management, Organic Search Optimization, Local Listings Search Visibility and Advanced E-Commerce Marketing. Each is covered by our competitive pricing plans. We also provide custom services - reach out to us, and our specialists will determine how to serve you best.

Head Of Web Design
Name: Ginamaria B.
Education: Monroe College – Bachelors Degree Criminal Justince – Class of 09'
Experience: Ginamaria has been working with Artistic Design for 3 + years. Gina brings SEO marketing skills to the table and knows exactly what it takes for business to exceed above & beyond on the internet. Along with marketing Ginamaria is our Website Project Manager.


Artistic Stitch, Inc always looks to expand and is constantly in the sales field promoting our services to new & older clients. This is what keeps our client list growing in marketing, organization and will power!

Owner/ Senior Sales Representative
Name: Nick M.- Senior Sales Representative
Experience: Nick has been with Artistic Stitch, Inc since 1996 and has been our lead sales representative ever since then. Nick is constantly going out on the field connecting with new clients from all over New York. All you have to do is explain to Nick in a few words what you are looking for and he will bring your company's logo to life on the finest material and or promotional product. Call Nick today to set up an appointment & see some samples!

Marketing Department

Artistic Stitch, Inc. has a large clientele base due to the number of years the company has been around and it is also thanks to our sales staff. Our sales staff works diligently everyday to reach out to new prospect clients to enlighten them on our services. Our older clients are occasionally contacted to be kept up to date on new pricing and products.

Head Of Marketing
Name: Mister Jenkins
Education: Business College of Westchester – Class of 07'
Experience: Mister Jenkins is the Marketing Manager and Executive Assistant for ASI Corp. He runs the operations within the marketing office and its powerful team of marketers. This includes Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with new and already current clients of the company. He also advises and assists the Executive Officers on daily interactions.

3D Architectural Renderings

Artistic Stitch Sports Complex was a great dream. 3D Architectural Visualizing and Photorealistic Renderings played a very important role in fulfilling this dream to come true in real existence. This credit goes to Mr. Faisal Khatri who did this tremendous job.